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Born 10.31.18 from our very own Dragon Girl and Grizzly. Our very first keeper girl of Apex Bengals! Buttercup has the beauty of Dragon yet the personality of her father Grizzly. With crisp and big rosettes and a glittery coat, she will be producing one of our best kittens! 

Sailor Moon

This little beauty from California is the sunshine in our cattery! Born 7.26.19 we are so excited to have this Grand Champion bloodline in our cattery! She has the sweetest disposition, and follows you around like a puppy. We can not wait to see what this little girl will produce for us!


Thank you Angie for this amazing girl!


Our little Russian beauty is here! Pictures of her to come soon. She is a GORGEOUS rosetted brown girl. She is one of the sweetest cats and craves attention, she's actually part dog! She will be pregnant soon, we can't wait to see what she produces. She is going to be an amazing mother!

Thank you Leo for our baby!

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