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Are Bengals right for me and my family?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

The question we get the most - are Bengals right for me and my family? This is a question with a ton of answers, so let's talk about Bengals and their personalities. These are very social creatures and they crave attention. We like to think of them as little mini dogs or a dog stuck in a cats body! Expect to be followed, to have them always in your lap, jumping on counter tops while you are cooking. Most of all no more alone time! Also expect to come home to paper towels all over the ground shredded up, things knocked over, finding them sleeping on top of the wall mounted TV, water spilled everywhere, and the "zoomies" 24/7. Bengals can go from one extreme to the next. Remember they have wild ancestry that is not too far off from when they were born - this is how breeders were able to achieve the leopard like look and personality.

So to answer your question - are Bengals right for you? If you can dedicate the time to a child, or a dog then the answer might be yes! If you have a big family or have children then the answer is most definitely yes. But what if I live alone and I want a companion? Then we suggest having a play mate for your Bengal, whether it be another animal or another Bengal. Again, Bengals are very social creatures and need constant stimulation. If they don't get this stimulation then they can be destructive! There are plenty of cat toys that can occupy your kitty while you are not home like the "Cat Wheel" or and automatic laser pointer, having the TV on Animal Planet or National Geographic can simulate their senses.

You must really be honest with yourself about owning a Bengal, can you carve time out of your day to take care of this beautiful creature, and will the kitty be happy in your home. If you feel as though it may not be the right timing that is okay! You and your kitty's happiness should be your number one priority, we will be here for you whenever you are ready to take that leap! It will be the best journey you have ever taken, so be ready for a belly full of laughs, tears of joy, and lots of hair pulling. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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