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Kitten Kits

What your kitten comes with

All of our kittens come with a custom bag with a doodle by @bridgetdoodlesdogs of their face!


A sample of Dry food and wet food will be in their bag! We recommend getting their preferred food before picking up your new kitten. You can order on Amazon for easy ordering!

Your new kitten will also go home with a few toys, and a blanket with mom and siblings scent on it so that they can fell comfortable in their new environment. 

All vet records, and microchip information will be in provided along with new kitten information to make their transition as smooth as possible. 

Extra add ons!

Bengals are extremely active cats, so it is important you provide proper stimulation to keep them happy (and you and your furniture). We have been very blessed to work with Feline Designs a locally based company in Washington, DC that wants the best experience for cats and their humans for cat furniture. As an ambassador for this company our subscribers can get 15% off their order if they use the code HAPPYKITTY15 - If you purchase a kitten from us you can get $75 of your order! We will provide the code once a deposit has been placed. 

And because we are crazy about our Bengals we can create any item with your new kittens doodle from our partner @bridgetdoodlesdogs. Please take a look at our shop to learn more!

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