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Grizzly of ApexBengals
PK-Deficiency n/n | Tested 2017
PRA-b n/n | Tested 2017
No indication of HCM | Tested 2018

Meet our handsome man! We can not be happier with him. He carries Grand Champion Bloodlines from his father! He is such a fun and loving boy that is the light of our lives. His amazing personality passes on to all of his kittens! Grizzly has such a wonderful color palette to our breeding program, his coloring is absolutely breath taking. his rosettes are big crisp and clear! Grizzly is a carrier for Brown, Snow, and Melanistic!  Thank you so much Sabrina for our new boy!

Photos coming soon!

ApexBengals Yeti
PK-Deficiency (TBD)| Tested 2018
PRA-b (TBD) | Tested 2018
(TBD)HCM | Tested 2018

Say hello to our first keeper boy Yeti! His mother is our very own Helga of ApexBengals. We can not be happier with this young man. With big rounded rosettes, and a playful personality. We are very excited to see what this boy will produce. He will be siring with our Sheeva in hopes of creating an F2 Snow Bengal! Yeti is a carrier of snow, and brown. Expected to have kittens of this color!